Please read the following to familiarize yourself with
the steps that require your input.
Creating a website is a complex process, involving several steps.
Below is the list of steps and a brief description of each step:

1) Choice of domain name - the domain name is the address where the site will be on the internet. The domain name contains the name and the extension, for example includes the company's name Boladesignand extension .com

2) Select the package - the package refers to the structure of the the site, including the number of desired pages. With Boladesign, you can choose a basic package and add additional pages later, without being penalized monetarily.

3) Choice of the design - the design refers to the envelope of the the site, that is to say, the appearance of pages and the manner in which the content is presented. We have developed a system "What you see is what you get" by presenting finalized designs with Latin text to show the form without affecting the content.

4) Choice of the content - the content is information published on the site. You can choose to publish information that is more or less complete, depending on of the package you purchased. More complete information about this on the right hand column. We divided the information per page, with the details that it should contain.


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