Please read the following to familiarize yourself with
the steps that require your input.
Choosing a domain name is a simple process. It must incorporate the name of the company, a product or a service. For instance: incorporates the name of the company, while incorporates the names of a service and a city.

Choose several domain names and send them to us by e-mail, in order of preference. Don't forget mention the number of domain names you would like to have.

Most probably by this time you have chosen a package already. If you didn't, you will choose a package depending of your needs or budget. In either case, the package you have chosen can be modified later. We recommend adding more pages to your websites at a later date to incorporate more information.

Choose a package depending on your needs or budget. You can add to it later-on without being penalized, after all, a website project it's a journey not a destination.

It may happen that you don't know what to choose as content for your website. You may have too much or too little to say... Start by following the guides on the right side, or take some time to check some of your favourites websites, either your competitors or other big corporations to get some ideas, respecting copyrighted material naturally.

Send your content by e-mail. We may need to modify part of it if need be to comply to certain rules or regulations. Whatever we do is for your best, that's for sure.

The revision is the most important step of the process. It can take place while the website is in the process of being programmed or right after the completion. It may happen that your website contains stock pictures, but that would be temporarily, until we get to have the right ones.

Please revise your website and send us the revisions by e-mail, mentioning the name of the page, the original content and the revised one. You can use "Copy" and "Paste"

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