Calls list / Liste Appels CALLER LIST FORM - telemarketer

Use this form at every calling session.
Complete only clients that need to be called back another time.
Refer to the list for next calling session.
Take notes as you go, use a marker if you need to.
Keep these forms in a binder for future reference.
RDV / Appointment APPOINTMENT FORM - telemarketer

Use this form for every confirmed appointment.
Complete all available details.
Coordinates of the contact are mandatory.
Coordinates (time and place) for the appointment are mandatory.
You have to send a copy by e-mail or fax in order to get paid.
We only pay appointments where the contact is met.
If the contact is absent, you have to reschedule another appointment.
Commande / Order ORDER FORM - sales representative / admin

Use this form for every confirmed order.
Complete  all necessary details for invoicing purposes.

Copies distribution as follows:
White - administration
Pink - your records
Yellow - client

FAX COVER PAGE - all employees

Use this form every time you send a fax on behalf of Boladesign inc.
Complete all necessary fields as they are needed.

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