The DE LUXE package to PROMOTE your business on-line.
Customer and salesperson support anytime, anywhere.

This is a complete package for your most detailed on-line portfolio. The best 24 / 7support for your valuable clients and hard-working salesperson.

You can purchase this package now and add pages and features to it later.  The best alternative for those not ready for the complete package now. 

It gives you flexibility to add to it as you go, everything you need, nothing you don't,  for the same price or less.

Number of Pages
E-mail accounts

Domain name

Business cards
Web address stickers

Pricing details
Domain name (yearly)
Hosting (yearly)
Design (one time fee)


Discounts available - 50%
(extras not included)

20 pages
6 accounts (, etc.)

1 year included
1 year included

1 box of 250pcs.
10 stickers (approx. 14" wide x 2" high)

$39.98 x 12 = $479.76
1x$399.98 +  3x$359.98 + 6x$259.98 + 10x$199.98

$5539.34 + tx.

$3769.67 + tx.

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